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Breaking Away from the Classics : Romatic Works in the 16th Century

Romanticism could be defined as a movement that originated in the late 18th century, bringing to the foreground artistic appreciation the concepts of inspiration, subjectivity, and the primacy of the individual. In Jean Jacques Rousseau’s quote “Man is born free, but is everywhere in chains!” can be directly correlated with the influence behind some of … Continue reading

Revolutions in 16th Century Western Europe: Protestant Reformation & It’s Effect on Art

The Protestant Reformation was a split in the Christian religion during the 16th century that divided Europe in many ways. Christianity was separated into several sects that each had it’s own ideals and values that helped to shape (and even destroy) art during that time period. The split in the religion eventually became so disputed … Continue reading

The Impact of the Bubonic Plague On Art and Artists in the Late Medieval Era

The Bubonic Plague, or Black Death, was the single most devastating event to occur during the late medieval period, wiping out nearly two thirds of all of Europe’s population. This particular span of history is often associated with death; most people (rich and poor) were most strongly concerned with the afterlife. Peasants strived to live … Continue reading

Mannerism in the Mid to Late Italian Renaissance

Mannerism in the Mid to Late Italian Renaissance Mannerism was a periodic style of art that portrayed idealistic and harmonious themes which showed not only the extraordinary natural detail of the human subjects in most works, but also moved away from conventional realism and towards incredible themes inspired by artists like Michelangelo. It is estimated … Continue reading